Lyndon Smith CPA provides Tax and Financial Services for small businesses and individuals.

When do you or your business need a professional, like Lyndon Smith Accounting?

For Professional Advice: Things change. For example, your business may have migrated from service only to products and services. When the business changes or the world changes on you (Obamacare), the bookkeeping set up needs to change accordingly.

For Professional Tailoring: Accounting software is not a one size fits all solution. All accounting products require customization. Without professional tailoring, these programs can drive you crazy and waste a lot of time.

For Professional Interpretation and Adjustment: Today's accounting programs are really personal productivity tools. They do not follow generally accepted accounting principles. Without professional oversight, your self prepared financials may not be acceptable for bank loans or IRS audits.

For Professional Training: Accounting software has a million variable options. The bookkeeper you hire with experience on your type of system may have never seen the software configured this way. Your staff may need training to get things right.

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