Getting a Divorce or Thinking about it?

Don’t choose 50/50 custody
  • For the child tax credits, your child must reside with you for MORE THAN half the year. At a minimum, go 51/49.

Plan for tax consequences in the legal documents.
  • Child support is not taxable.
  • Family support is not defined in tax law. The amounts must be identified as child support and alimony to qualify for deductions.

Keep in touch with your former spouse.
  • You may be filing joint returns until the divorce is final.
  • Tax status is your marital status on December 31 of every year. You may be divorced by tax time in April, but what matters to the IRS is your marital status last year.

If you never did tax returns before, you will need help.

If you did tax returns before, it will be different after the divorce, and you may want help at least the first time through.

If you still want to do your own tax return, I offer CPA consulting services by phone in 15 minute increments for $25.